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Sewer/Drain Line Inspections are conducted as an additional service to the home inspection. 

Sewer Scope Inspections

A Sewer Scope Inspection is a crucial step in the home buying process - it ensures that the home's sewer lines are in good condition and not leaking before you purchase. Coastal Inspection Services provides sewer scope inspections in Orange county. Our services can also be used for existing homeowners to better understand the condition of their sewer lines.

Our video inspections show you what your sewer lines look like before you buy or attempt to repair them. Did you know that in most municipalities, homeowners are responsible for sewer lines and their problems? Repairing a sewer problem is often messy and very costly, but if you have regular inspections scheduled, you'll be able to catch any potential issues before they become a significant problem.

Sewer Scope Inspection And The Process

Our sewer camera inspection services are meant to give you peace of mind that your sewer lines are in their optimal best condition. A camera is inserted into the sewer line through a point of access in or outside your home, and It's then fed through the entire length of the sewer line to inspect any problems in the line until it reaches the city's sanitary main. Timely knowledge gained through a sewer scope inspection can help save you money and protect your home from irreparable damage.

Common Issues a Sewer Scope Inspection Reveals


  • sewer scope inspection is a crucial part of your home plumbing. It helps to identify the problems and decide the best way to fix them. There are many common issues that a sewer scope inspection can locate:

  • Bellied Lines- A bellied line is one such problem; a bellied or sagging line collects water and solid waste and affects the pipes' flow. Poor flow can lead to backup, damage the pipe by sagging, or cause clogs in toilets and sinks as water backs up into them instead of flowing down the lines. These low-bellied areas are typically found in homes with an insufficient slope in the drain line, or they may be caused by tree roots pushing against the pipe.

  • Sectioning- Another common issue with sewer lines is sectioning; parts of the pipe tend to separate, leading to waste flowing into the surrounding soil. Seepage causes further settlement in the surrounding soil, and this eventually causes the pipe to break down completely.

  • Root Intrusion- A sewer scope inspection can also identify issues that may be minor at present but have the potential to aggravate bigger problems in the future. An example and a common sewer inspection find is root intrusion. A  sewer scope inspection will reveal any possible issues with lines, such as root intrusion, small roots that can penetrate pipes through gaps in joints and cause damage, and pipes that leak or crack due to age or external pressure. If caught in time, minor root intrusions can be fixed without damage. 

  • Soil Settlement- Extreme root intrusion or significant soil settlement may lead to a pipe collapse, for which a full excavation may be necessary to replace the pipe. Although this rarely happens, if it does, a sewer scope inspection can help reveal the problem and assess the damage.

  • Lodged Debris- The inspection can identify lodged debris, which could block a pipe or cause damage to the sewer line. A blocked pipe could lead to sewage backing up into homes and businesses or sewage overflowing from manholes onto streets.

  • Suppose you're thinking about buying a home or fear your existing home may have a sewer problem. In that case, you should consider having your sewer scope inspection done before it becomes too costly to fix any issues with your sewer lines. Our Sewer Scope Inspections are conducted as an additional service to the home inspection and can help save you thousands of dollars in repairs down the line! 

Ready for a full Home Inspection? Bundle it with our Sewer Scope Inspection today!

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