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We Offer A Home Re-Inspection in Orange County As An Additional Service to Home Inspections


Once the repairs have been completed and you are ready, you can request a home re-inspection before closing escrow. It might be a good idea to contact a professional if there is a problem with the roof, plumbing, electrical system, or HVAC unit.


A thorough inspection might not have been possible if utilities such as gas and electricity were not on at the initial inspection. This could warrant a re-inspection to check entities that were not powered initially.

You might also request a re-inspection to ease your worries. Although we want to believe everyone is honest during a real estate transaction, sometimes, you need to double-check the work of contractors or sellers.

Important Note:

Not all repairs will be as straightforward as they seem to be. While the Inspector can tell if work has been completed, he cannot guarantee that the work was done competently. Re-inspection after repairs are very important, especially if they are hidden from sight, like behind personal items or cabinets. Keep copies of any repair contracts you may have with your service provider--these should be used to make claims about any improper work or poor craftsmanship on their part. Furthermore, we recommend that ANY repairs are performed by a licensed, insured, and professional service company.

Ready for a full Home Inspection? Re-Inspection? 

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