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Short Term Rental Inspection

Short Term Rental Inspections

A short term rental inspection is a specific type of inspection that occurs in many cities throughout Southern California.  They are conducted on properties that are rented out for short term stays (less than 30 consecutive days), usually as advertised on sites such as VRBO and AirBnB,  among others.  The purpose of this type of inspection is to ensure that the property meets certain health and safety standards as well as verify it is in compliance with local regulations.  

The Inspector will examine items such as electrical, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, proper egress, fire sprinklers,  adequate sanitation facilities, and much more.  The inspection follows a specific checklist which has been generated by the City and each item listed will be signed off as satisfactory by the Inspector.  

In the event all the items are not satisfactory, and the Inspector needs to make a return trip to finalize and sign all items, an additional fee will be charged to the Client.  

Ready for a full Home Inspection? Short Term Rental Inspection? 

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