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Dollar Bills


Something to consider regarding fees … 
When looking for a medical specialist, do you look for the cheapest doctor?  Or do you choose the one with the most experience in the medical issue you are undergoing?  Would you hire the cheapest lawyer to get you out of a legal bind?  Or one that has the competency and expertise to help protect you and your family and/or assets best? 

Why would you do it any different when you are buying your home?  The cheapest home inspector may not be the best fit for your large investment, and your family’s safety and happiness.  COASTAL INSPECTION SERVICES is priced reasonably based upon our expertise and the 5-star experience you can expect each and every time.  

Our fees are based on the unique qualities of the specific property which we are inspecting.   You can expect our inspection fee to be a small fraction of the cost of your home. 

                                  CALL or TEXT OUR OFFICE  7 DAYS A WEEK  (949) 481-2501 TO GET AN EXACT QUOTE
                                                                                    FOR YOUR PROPERTY OR SERVICE .

      Ultimately, can you put a price on the safety, happiness, and security of your family's home?

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